Monday, February 28, 2011

Iraq Becomes a U.S. Territory

How do you feel about Iraq voting for a US president in 2012?
(just a fun what-if)

New TV.

    I had a bit of a rage attack one day and long story short, my fist went through my LCD TV. So I'm on the market for a new one. I've been searching for quite some time and finally found one that is pretty good in my price range.
LG 37" 1080p 120H LED-LCD HDTV 37LE5300

Brand: LG
Model: 37LE5300
Cabinet Color: High gloss Black

Screen Size: 37"
Resolution: 1080p 1920x1080
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
LED Technology: Edgelit
Viewing Angle: 178°(H) / 178° (V)
Dynamic Contrast Rati: 3,000,000:1
Response Time: 2.4ms
Refresh Rate: 120Hz

User settings: Aspect Ratio Correction: 6 Modes
                        Color Temperature Control: 3 Modes
                        AV Mode II: 3 Modes
                        Picture Mode: 7 Modes
                        Backlight Control
Tuner: ATSC/NTSC/QAM Tuner
Enhanced Motion: 24p Real Cinema (5:5/2:2 pulldown), x.v.Color, Picture Wizard II
Video Processor: XD Engine
Support Video Signal: 1080i/p, 720p, 480i/p

Output Power: 10W+10W
Simulated Surround: Infinite Sound

HDMI: 4in
PC input: D-Sub
Headphone: 1 Out
Composite A/V: 1 In
Component Video: 1 In
Digital Audio: 1 Optical Out
Front/Side Inputs: Side
Other Connectors: RF In, PC Audio, RS-232c In

Dimensions & Weight
Dimensions With Stand: 35.6"x24.8"x10.6"
Dimensions Without Stand: 35.6"x22.4"x1.6"
Weight With Stand: 34.4 lbs.
Weight Without Stand: 28.2 lbs.

I found it on and at the time it was $599.99+tax so I jumped on it. For that price I even got the two year extended warranty wich brought the total to $650+tax. The tax pissed me off a bit cause it was about another $50, but still nearly $700 for this TV is pretty good. Just a day later and the price on the site went up to $900. I've been to stores and search until I couldn't stand searching any longer and couldn't even find a better TV let alone one for that price. Maybe I wasn't looking in the right places but for now I feel I was. Do you think it was a good buy? What TV's do you think would be better?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

How many moons does Earth have?

     I was watching Qi clips on youtube on the BBC channel and as usual I was laughing and learning at the same time, and in the midst of it all a question came up that was so easy I was confused by it. How many moons does Earth have? Someone answered one, as expected, but to my surprise was told he was wrong! Stephen Fry explained that Earth has a second moon called Cruithne that is 3 miles wide and takes 700 years to orbit the earth. I got suspicious and did a little research of my own.

     Earth has 1 moon and 2 co-orbital satellites. As you're probably aware, Earth has 1 moon, but did you know there are 2 additional asteroids locked into co-orbital orbits with Earth? They are called 3753 Cruithne and 2002 AA29.

     3753 Cruithne is 5 km across, and sometimes called Earth's second moon although it clearly orbits the sun more then the Earth. It doesn't actually orbit the Earth, but has a synchronized orbit. It has an orbit that makes it look like it's following the Earth in orbit, but it's actually following the it's own, distinct path around the Sun. It looks to me that it takes 385 years to complete it's orbit and not the said 700. Not only is it not a moon it's not Earth's. Steven Fry lied to me!

     If anything 2002 AA29 is earth's second moon, although it is to small to be a moon. It is only 60 meters across, and makes a horseshoe orbit around the Earth that brings it close to the planet every 95 years. In about 600 years, it will apear to circle Earth in a quasi-satellite orbit. It is constantly chasing us and might hit again! That's right I said again. Some time around 4.5 billion years ago it helped create the moon.

I also came across this in my search: Impact Risk
I couldn't make much sense of it but it looks like we might get hit by an asteroid. 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

EtherPad and Social Survival

Hi, I'm new to this whole blog thing so if things seem a bit off or immature please be patient, for I'm still learning. I will be posting a blog as frequently as my life allows. These posts will be bassed on what ever it is I'm doing at that moment in time. Hopefully I post some helpful info for you, or just plane entertaining. Thanks for checking out my blog.

     I would like to make my first blog post about my curent find EtherPad." EtherPad is the first web-based word processor that allows people to work together in really real-time." EtherPad is open source and can be monipulated to anything the user wants it to be. For example the Anonymous Revolution Survival GuideEtherPad was developed for more convectional things like meeting notes, drafting sessions, education, team programming, ect. This could be a very powerful thing when used correctly though. Creating a hive mind focused on one thing such as over throwing an oppressive government is about as powerful as it can get.