Tuesday, March 1, 2011


     Hi there. Ever want to find new music but can't think of how? Check out Blip.fm. It is a social network based around music. It allows you to be a DJ of sorts. It's kind of like Twitter for music, but instead of "tweets" you have "blips."

     You can lurk the resent blip feed for the newest blimps of the moment, or you can upload, link to, or search for music you might like and be a DJ your self. There's a rating system, so you can see how liked other DJ's are and make an informed decision on whether or not to fallow… eerr I mean listen to them. You can play, pause, and skip tracks straight from the front page. It's quite convenient. 


  1. i use last.fm to discover new music

  2. Interesting concept. I'll check it out!