Sunday, March 27, 2011

Play Everybody Edits

     I'm newly addicted to this game I just found out about. It's super fun and super frustrating. If you don't get mad at the game and/or your self while playing it you are a god!

     My favorite part about this game is that everyone that is playing at the moment is on your screen. Sometimes the crowed blocks your view and you can't see your self, so it's could be hard to judge your own movements at times. It's highly sensitive and quite tinny. I'm currently stuck on the last part of the first level :-P


  1. i like retro games like this. they're about the only kind i play.

  2. I've played this. It's a lot of fun and then really frustrating.
    You spend a while making a fun slide but the better your work is the more inclined other people are to come and wreck it. : I

    Sometimes people do improve the idea though.

  3. will check it out, thanks for the heads up

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