Wednesday, March 9, 2011


     Public fascination with 45-year-old actor has skyrocketed since he began a media bender following hif fallout with Two and a half Men producer Chuck Lorre and his introduction of hs 24-year-old goddesses, girlfriends Rachel Oberlin and Natalie Kenly.

     It seems everywhere you look these days there's Charlie Sheen. Whether it's on the news talking about winning, or how his kids got taken away, or it's on the internet possibly on a youtube video titled DUH winning I got tiger blood remix. The the one place where he's seen by millions everyday is Twitter.  @CharlieSheen has become a twitter god. Duh, winning.

     @CharlieSheen, with just over 2.4 million followers at the moment, broke a couple world records on Twitter getting there. First he broke the record for the fastest to 1 million followers in just under 24 hours. Then he got the most replies in just one tweet. 2.2 million people at 95,333 clicks an hour. Here's the tweet.

     The tweet was about an internship application. Apparently the Twitter guru he hired wasn't enough. His social media networking has become something of a startup corporation and now he needs interns. He's looking for some help with his social media project for just a short time of 8 weeks. It's a full time paid offer for a summer job. Doesn't sound to bad to me seeing as how Charlie Sheen would probably be surrounded by playboy bunnies and the best liquore and cigars money can by. I for one wouldn't mind winning for 8 weeks. Apply here.


  1. Charlie is a god lmfao. I'll be checking back soon!

  2. It's just plain old good marketing.

  3. I agree with Jung. Publicity stunt. All the weeeeeeeeeeeeey. (Winning).

  4. #tigerblood in my veins!!! #winning, #teamsheen!!!

    banging 7 gram rocks at a time cause thats how I roll!

    Dude is out of control!!