Monday, March 21, 2011


     STELLAService is a startup that measures rates and highlights, the quality of customer care of online businesses. They have raised $2M in beginning stage funding.

     STELLAService was founded in 2009 to help online shoppers make better purchasing decisions at the same time help businesses grow with their collected customer service data and marketing services. The company claims to know thousands of e-retailers in its customer profile. Companies like, and to name a few.

     STELLAService pays for all products it purchases and relies on it's trained customer experience analyst staff to test the companies it evaluates. They say it will use the additional funds to step up development of it's customer service evaluation system. The company will also be working on making it's website more user friendly for online shoppers with new tools and features.

     STELLAService seems to be a really helpful and reliable way to research the places you are thinking about spending your money. Definitely worth looking into.


  1. You should put a link or two to them in your post ; P
    Just kidding, I'll check them out now.

  2. Sounds like its worth checking out!