Friday, March 18, 2011

Les Twins

     Hello, I hope you all had a wonderful St.Patty's day, I know I did. As I refer to my hangover remedy I wanted to put something on that doesn't make me think to much, yet is still entertaining. I scrummaged through youtube's mess of a front page to find something I'm subscribed to that actually might be watchable. I finally landed on Yak Films, and watched a dance battle (Les Twins - France vs Lil'O & Tyger B - USA). I made my smoothie while the video loaded. After being amazed by the fluid motions these guys performed with such ease, I decided to look for some more Les Twins stuff. I found a video so awesome I had to share it. As I watch it I start to think the film was edited to make them move the way they do. Enjoy.


  1. Nice song, thanks for the video!! get well soon from the hangover!

  2. Hangover = goooooooood night last night!

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