Sunday, March 6, 2011

Why you shouldn't get a iPad2

     The iPod 2 has been announced and as I was looking into it I found this list of 11 reasons NOT to buy an iPad 2 (including 6 that haven't changed from the iPad 1). This was written back when there was still allot of speculation and hearsay but still good reasons.

here is the list in short:

  1. The iPod 2 is only a precursor to the finished product. It isn't all it can be so you might want to wait for a newer version to come out next year.
  2. Steve Jobs is a big reason why Apple products are the way they are. It's because of his obsessive attention to detail their products have been as good as they are. With Steve on medical leave it's possible the new gen. iPad isn't getting as much love as products did in the past.
  3. There is no SD slot. With no removable storage it doesn't have much advantage over the original iPad.
  4. There isn't much difference between the new and the old. It's just a little faster with more RAM, it's thinner and has a front mounted camera, but besides that it's essentially the same product.
  5. Android competition is on the horizon and you might want a more open experience, and we all know how Apple likes to keep everything under lock and key.
  6. Still no USB port.
  7. Still have to use itunes.
  8. Still no way to wirelessly synch bookmarks.
  9. Still cheeper alternatives.
  10. Still only approved software is compatible.
  11. Still can't be used as a stand alone computer.
     So basically the iPod is still a subpar Ebook reader and a really cool Angry birds console. If you don't already have one the iPod 2 isn't a bad start, but if you don't need it just wait. There's no reason you shouldn't have the best.


  1. I agree with point 5.
    Android is the way forward.

  2. Hey, I didn't need to be convinced not to buy an iPad, let me tell you!

    I completely agree with your summary that it's a sub-par ebook reader, and a larger screen to play apps on ;p It doesn't serve any purpose to me when I have my desktop computer and a smartphone.