Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Twitter

     Better late then never, but hey at least it's only one day off. Yesterday was Twitter's five year anniversary of the first tweet sent on March 21, 2006 by co-founder Jack Dorsey. This was back when Twitter was known as just "Twttr."

    Twitter's small team of the time had been busy brainstorming and programming for eight days before the platform was ready for its first non-automated message, which read "Inviting coworkers," according to Dorsey.

    Twitter now handles an average of 140 million tweets a day, and the Twitter staff is over 400 people, according to the Twitter Blog. I'm sure you can still take part in the celebration by tweeting #TwitterMemory.


  1. Happy birthday twitter! Thanks for helping get the word out on my blog!

  2. I'm quite surprised how much Twitter has taken off.
    I could never really get into it - seems like information overload to me.

  3. Never been able to get into twitter either. Seems like Short Attention Span Theatre.


  4. I've always thought Twitter fed into the public need for instant gratification. You just don't have the space to express any well-explored thought or opinion. Instead, everything must be presented in the style of a soundbite which often doesn't do the topic, or the author, justice.

  5. Fright Vault I agree 100%. It reminds me of the scene from Back to the Future, in which Marty's son, turns on the TV and requests like 9 channels all playing at once..