Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wyclef Got Shot

     Wyclef Jean's publicist, Cindy Tanenbaum, reports that he was shot in the hand last night in Haiti. The shooting happened in the capital Port-au-Prince, of the Delmas section. Tanenbaum says the wound was "minor" and that "He was immediately taken to the hospital, treated for a minor graze to his hand and released. He is fine."

     In August he was forced into hiding because of death threats, when Jean was considering to run for the President of Haiti. But the musician, who went to high school in Newark and whose family lives in Saddle River New Jersey, has since been back in the spotlight campaigning for his friend Michel Martelly, also known as "Sweet Mickey."

     "Wyclef’s commitment to his native country and to his people is unparalleled," Tanenbaum said. "He is therefore undeterred by this incident." Local authorities seem to be avoiding the media.


  1. This is horrible news, Wyclef is an awesome guy... why would anyone shoot him!?!

    He is such a peaceful guy!